Accepting God’s Gifts.

Today’s prayer. Lord, our lives are filled with wonders and joy. We have blessings and gifts all around us. However, the Enemy tells us to focus on negative things. Help us put our faith where it belongs. This is kind of a short post to help me focus on what is important. Maybe it will… Continue reading Accepting God’s Gifts.


Be Gentle With the Word of God

Today’s prayer. Lord, you’ve given us a wonderful book on which to base jut lives. Help us to read scripture and see what you want us to see through it. Give us the strength to use it to fulfill your will and not to hide behind it. It just stuck me that I don’t quote… Continue reading Be Gentle With the Word of God

Loving a broken child

Today’s Prayer. Heavenly Father, you are my father. You will me to live and choose when I die. I constantly fail to be the child I should be, yet I’m loved and called to you with all my faults. I’ll never be worthy, but you choose to love me anyway. Thank you, Lord. Our response… Continue reading Loving a broken child